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As a qualified Surf Lifeguard you are able to participate in regular competition events (Surf Sports) against lifeguards from other Surf Clubs. Surf Sports events are referred to as Carnivals. The objective of Surf Sports is to improve the fitness and skill levels of lifeguards.

Surf Sports in the Senior part of the Club are different from the Junior Club in that there is a wider range of events for Seniors and there are a number of team events. In Senior Surf Sports most people tend to concentrate on only a few events.

All competitors in Surf sports must complete a refresher (as must all Lifeguards) and complete a minimum number of patrolling hours each season.

There are a number of Surf Sports Carnivals run throughout the season at District and National levels and there is a calendar of these in this booklet. You can also visit the SLSNR website for details and results (

Orewa SLSC offers formal coaching programmes for you to learn and develop skills in the various individual disciplines and team events, being:

Beach Sprint & Flags
Swimming (Surf Race / Tube Rescue)
Surf Ski
Surf Boat
Surf Canoe
IRB (Qualifications required)

Equipment is provided by the club. If you are interested in joining a crew or team we can help you with this. If you are interested in training and competing in Surf Sports then please contact one of our managers below.

Head Coach - Zac Franich
021 0315506

Surf Boat contact - Jon Copeland
027 8096277

Canoe contact - Liz de Kort
021 503108

Beach Training - Zac Franich
021 0315506

IRB Racing contact - Belinda Langman
021 2371260

Pool champs contact - Zac Franich
021 0315506