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rookie programme

The Rookie Programme is designed to help Junior Surf members and young people prepare to become a surf lifeguard or patrol support in the next or upcoming season. The coaches aim is to promote “practical lifeguarding” to younger members and develop strong ties between senior and junior members as a result of involvement. The programme is incorporated into the U14 Sunday surf training sessions and all culminated to the end of season Rookie Challenge.  This competitive event showcases the skills learned by the Rookie lifeguards as they compete to be the best rookie club team in the Northern Region. 

Rookie Lifeguarding is a fantastic bridge between Junior Surf and lifeguarding as it sets young people up to transition into the role of active service with ease and develop into great members of our club. The Rookie Programme is an opportunity for our young members to go through the same incredible experiences, creating friendships for life while giving back to the community!

Aim of the Rookie Lifeguard Program

·         Develop the surf life saving skills of young members
·         Provide a smooth transition from Junior to Senior life saving
·         Provide a structured career path into active surf patrol
·         Involve and encourage parents of Rookies to become involved in both understanding and potentially entering into active service themselves
·         Develop strong ties and relationships with Junior and Senior members as a result of involvement and completing rookie patrol hours
·         Club patrols benefit as the Senior patrols coach and support rookies with both confidence and competence of practical life saving skills/knowledge

SVA programme

Orewa SLSC supports our youth to log their service time, starting with their Rookie hours, into the SVA Foundation programme https://service.sva.org.nz/.  The SVA provides a platform for NZ youth to get credit for all the volunteer service they give back to their communities, across all activities they are involved.  This is logged by the student as they progress through yrs 9-12. At the end of their high school journey, they can download a summary of all their service to add to their CV and support their future endeavours.