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Junior Surf Uniform

During both Sunday and weekday training sessions, children must be wearing the club beanie and yellow High Visibility (Hi Vis) Vest over their wetsuits or togs.  Children will only be allowed to participate in land activities if these items have been forgotten.  Orewa SLSC uniform can be purchased from our online shop.  All other Orewa club gear is optional at training sessions. 

We highly recommend a well fitted wetsuit for the start and end of the season when the water is much cooler.  We want to ensure the children remain warm and happy throughout the training session.  A nice dry towel to wrap up in between is also useful.

For children attending competitions please note that it is mandatory that Club togs, Hi Vis and club beanie be worn when competing and representing Orewa SLSC. Orewa SLSC swim caps are optional.  Club togs can be purchased from Positive Image in Silverdale.

Summary of Mandatory Uniform Items


Boys : All
-Hi Vis Vest – Orewa branded
-Orewa beanie

Boys : U8 – U14 ( when competing)
Hi Vis Vest – Orewa branded : for water events
-Orewa beanie
-Royal Blue Orewa branded speedo togs or Solid black jammers (no large oversized logos or other decorative patterns)

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Girls : All
Hi Vis Vest – Orewa branded
-Orewa beanie

Girls : U8 – U14 (when competing)
Hi Vis Vest – Orewa branded
-Orewa beanie
-Royal Blue Orewa branded one piece swimsuit or Royal Blue Orewa branded bikini

Club Equipment (boogie boards/knee boards/tubes,etc) 

Our Club gear is made available to the children during our training sessions.  Children using Club equipment are responsible for the care of the equipment, washing it down and putting it away at the end of training.   The coaches will show the children how to do this at the start of the season.  Replacing our equipment can become costly, so we encourage all our children to treat the club gear with respect.

Gear Policy

·         All gear is to be washed and put away in the correct place after use.  If your child is not tall enough to put away the gear safely, please assist them.
·         Gear is assigned to age level and capability.  Your coaches will advise which gear is available to use.
·         The locked gear is only to be used whilst at Club training sessions when a nominated coach is in attendance.  All Club boards are labeled with an asset number, however, some of the gear is privately owned so please do not use these under any circumstances. 
·         There is a training pool of gear that is available for use outside of training.  On these occasions you are responsible for putting the gear away after use.
·         Club equipment is for Members only.  You must be wearing Club togs and Hi Vis when using Club equipment outside of training so that the Lifeguards can identify you as a member.  Non-member friends or family are not to use the Club equipment as they are not covered by our insurance should anything happen.
·         Members without a 200m patch (sewn on the togs) are only able to use the Club boogie boards.  This includes parents who have not achieved the Water Helper Certificate which includes a 200m swim.
·         Please, any and all damage must be reported immediately to one of the coaches / committee members

  • Damage to Club boards during training or competition is covered by the Club.  Damage during personal time is to be paid for by the user.

  • Damage to personal boards during competitions where the child is representing OSLSC will be covered by the Club.  All other times, it is the responsibility of the owner.

·         Club kneeboards are to be treated with care.  If boards are misused, for example, stood on, dragging along the sand/concrete, rough play, etc, the user may be stood down from using the board for up to 2 weeks.