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getting involved in junior surf

It takes a village to develop a lifeguard!

There are so many ways to involve every family member at our Club.   There is something for everyone! Being an active participant in a support role or in a front and cent role means that our Club continues to grow and thrive in our community.  Orewa Surf Lifesaving Club is the only sports club that offers a range of activities to suit all age levels and abilities whilst encouraging fitness and well being at our awesome local beach. There is also an opportunity to give back to the New Zealand public in a worthwhile and rewarding way.  

Some Opportunities for you, our parents / guardians or extended family, to get involved:

The more coaches, the more children we can have on the beach! If you have a knack for coaching and can offer tips which are either land or water based, let us know. This season you may be one of our guest coaches, and who knows, next season’s Head Coach.

The club run courses each season for members to train as lifeguards and patrol support (no water component). If you are interested in training please contact our club administrator for more details.

Event Officials*
Surf carnivals offer our children a chance to test their skills and competencies in different environments. To run these events, every Club offers a group of trained Surf Officials derived from their member base. Being a Surf Official is a great way to learn more about how it all works, whilst getting a front row seat at your child’s event. The training course is only one (1) day in length and is paid for by the Club.

Age Group Managers
If you have an eye for detail and remembering names, then the Age Group Manager role might be right up your alley. These people do all the sign-in and sign-out of their age groups to ensure we know who is on the beach. They communicate, as required, with our members and keep us all in the loop on key dates and information.

Carnival Manager
Each carnival requires managers to ensure our participants know where to go, when to go and are staying warm and fed! There is normally one overarching Carnival Manager who is the main source for contact and information. Then we need Supporting Managers, or Chaperones for each age group. This is a fun and easy job to do. If you have limited time and can just do one carnival, that’s totally fine as this is a job which can be shared around.

Gear Shed Support
Not keen on the water, but happy to wash up at the end? Well helping the children stay focused in cleaning and putting away all the boards is a great way to lend a hand. One parent from each group can oversee and assist as required and this is always appreciated by the coaches.

Water Safety Support
Water Support is a must have at every training.  We work on a 1:5 ratio of adults to children in the water.  The Coaches/Managers will ask for these volunteers during sign-in.  So if you enjoy getting wet, please wear a wetsuit and be prepared to jump in. 
For patched groups, we ask that parents do the Water Safety Course which we run at Orewa.  This is to ensure we are looking after your safety too. It will give you basic first aid and rescue tips, tests your fitness with a run/swim/run exercise, plus a 200m swim (with fins) within 7 mins.  Once certified, you will be able to be in deep waters with rescue tubes or utilise a ‘parent’ rescue knee board.

Volunteer – Fundraising
We have a limited budget for expenses, not to mention new equipment. So to keep our children well equipped, fundraising is a must. Whether to get involved with planning an initiative or popping your hand up to be a worker, every offer of help is appreciated.

Committee Member
There are a number of roles on the Club and Sub-Committees that you may wish to consider. Chat with one of the Junior Committee members to find out more. We’re always looking for new ideas and new families to keep moving the Club in the right direction.

* Courses and additional development paths for members are available from SLSNZ.

For queries please contact Junior Surf Chair Renee Beckett reneecbeckett@gmail.com 021 612025